Poker Show: 2Months2Million

It seems poker can be seen everywhere now.  GSN has High Stakes Poker, NBC has Poker After Dark, and of course ESPN has the World Series of Poker.  Now, it is time for one of the actual gaming networks to … Continued

Forget about those big pots.

Just recently I found myself walking around the Rio Casino.  Periodically checking out the WSOP and watching some of the main event.  I decided to take a glance at the cash games to see if I could find a juicy … Continued

Timidity is not for Short Stacks

Imagine you’re in a Texas Holdem tournament or Sit and Go, and you are starting to get close to the money. Unfortunately for you though, you are one of the shorter stacks, and your prospects for making the money are … Continued

Checking the Helpful Turn

One of the most fundamental and important principles of poker is to minimize your losses and maximize your profits. One of the best ways to do this is to fool your opponents, making them think you are bluffing when you’re … Continued

No Limit vs. Limit Hold ‘Em

One of the most intriguing parts of poker strategy to me is the difference between playing Limit Hold ‘Em and No Limit Hold ‘Em. The game is the same, the rules the same, but appropriate playing strategy between the two … Continued