Switch Poker Review

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Last Updated: December 5, 2012

While online poker sites have certainly grown in number, few of them have succeeded in making substantial strides in offering mobile poker options. Switch Poker isn’t one of the few, however, and they’ve taken the time to offer poker action on various mobile platforms. But although mobile poker is fantastic, it’s not the only category in which Switch Poker thrives. Switch Poker prides itself on being an all-inclusive client; one capable of pleasing many players with different tastes and skill levels. If you’re looking for a site that provides ok poker variety and enough action to make a little money simultaneously, look no further than Switch Poker.

Being the most popular or biggest poker room isn’t on Switch Poker’s agenda, and it’s unlikely they’ll reach those standards in the near future. But Switch Poker does make an effort to update its platform with new inclusions every now and then. The feature set is average, and the software is fluid enough to keep players coming back. There are no download versions available, for either PC or Mac, but you may use the Java web-based client directly from the Switch Poker web site.

Switch Poker is being hosted on its own network, a popular destination for online poker. Despite not hosting many different online poker skins, Switch Poker is a standout inclusion on its network.

When looking at the traffic numbers, you’ll witness just enough players on the site at any one time to make playing for real money worthwhile. If you’re a high-stakes regular, you probably won’t be thrilled with the stakes being offered, or furthermore the action. Looking at the biggest levels, the games are inconsistent and usually very dull when they do run. Nonetheless, you can find several profitable tables in the low-to-mid stakes range, and typically table selection isn’t too much of an issue.

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!

Switch Poker Software and Features

Upon visiting the Switch Poker web site, you’ll immediately notice all of the different platforms you can choose from. Arguably, Switch Poker’s biggest attraction is its ability to be played from nearly anywhere, at any time. Gone are the days where you spot a gigantic fish at the table, but you’re not able to capitalize because you’ve made prior plans for the night, or your computer crashed. Now you truly have little excuse to miss out on profitable opportunities because you can’t access your desktop. You can play Switch Poker from your iPhone, iPad or computer at any moment.

When it comes to mobile poker, many players have come to expect very stripped-down versions of their favorite poker clients, and rightfully so. Most of the mobile poker sites available are nominal, bland, and often don’t resemble their more feature-packed downloadable sibling. On Switch Poker, however, you’ll notice that they’ve made an effort to put more of the features players crave into their smaller platforms, and you’ll get more enjoyment out of your mobile experience because of their generosity.

When you open the Switch Poker desktop client, you’ll be excited to see many of the standard features players have come to expect from online poker. You can resize tables, color-code decks and take notes on players while you play. The lobby of Switch Poker is void of some of the custom and aesthetically pleasing graphics you have seen elsewhere, but that’s something they’re working on. Rather than annoy you with animation and hoopla, they would prefer to put money into your pocket; the ultimate goal of any poker enthusiast.

Switch Poker does this by offering speedy game play throughout all of their platforms, so you’ll rarely if ever miss hands or get caught timing out during a big moment. In fact, you can jump into games right away using their “Quick Seat” function, or you can select between the various games available in their table view. Here you will see how many players are seated, the waiting list (if needed), and a few, yet important table statistics that can mean the difference between winning and losing if you can interpret them correctly.

There are some options available for your customization on Switch Poker, you’ll just have to take the time to go through them all if you want to get the most out of their software.

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!

Switch Poker Reward System & Loyalty Program

How good could an online poker site really be if it didn’t give back to its players? It would be pretty terrible if you ask us. But luckily enough for you, Switch Poker does give back to its players in multiple ways!

For starters, Switch Poker has a three-tier system for first-time depositors! You can choose from three different rewards types: a $600 bonus, a free iPod, or a free iPad. You’ll have to decide on your own which deposit bonus fits you best, but after you make that tough decision, you can click through this link to go directly to the Switch Poker web site and sign up immediately! They’re all excellent ways to earn free cash, so don’t miss your opportunity! Sign up right now!

But this isn’t the only way you can earn money back. By contributing to the rake on Switch Poker (either through ring games or tournament play), you’ll be accruing Switch Poker points to use for cash redemption or tournament entries. It’s a nice way to keep the action flowing, and increase your bankroll at the same time!

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!

Switch Poker Games

You’re going to find only the essentials on Switch Poker when it comes to poker genres. You’ll find Texas Hold’em, in a six-max format is all they’re offering right now. It has some variations, nonetheless, you’ll be limited to that game. Some of the lesser known games, although fun, don’t truly attract enough players to make running these games profitable for the site, but also the players as well. Instead, Switch Poker decided to focus on what’s important; keeping the action consistent, fun, and lucrative for everyone.

What’s neat about the Switch Poker games is that they’re all available on every poker client. Whether you’re playing on the web through Java, on your mobile phone, or via download, you’ll have access to all of the games they offer.

If you’re looking to play in some different types of games, you can look for some short-handed tables or heads-up tables to boost the action.

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!

Switch Poker Traffic

Being on its own network has its advantages, but one of them isn’t the traffic numbers. You’ll find that Switch Poker consistently has between 20 and 100 players on its site at any one time, enough to be able to find a game running at some of the stakes they offer.

It’s not just the cash games that have decent traffic either – Switch Poker has tournaments running around the clock, and you’ll notice that in fact much of their population is compiled in this niche. It’s always exciting to risk just a few dollars or even a few hundred to go deep into a tournament for the opportunity to win thousands of dollars. There’s truly nothing more thrilling and heart-stopping in poker, and the tournaments are what draws many players to Switch Poker in the first place.

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!

Switch Poker Tournaments

Finding a decent tournament on Switch Poker will sometimes be a challenge. You’ll find players of all skill levels taking part in some of their events, and if you’re an experienced tournament player you should be able to control much of the field. Nonetheless, if you are a die hard tournament veteran, you’ll likely notice the small magnitude of the tournaments offered on Switch Poker. It’s not that the site never offers guarantees or big-money tournaments occasionally (they have a small guarantee), it’s just that they’re not consistent.

But despite a few shortcomings in this department, you’ll still be able to enjoy tournaments of all types on Switch Poker. They have Sit-N-Go tournaments, Guarantees, Satellites to your favorite live events, and also special tournaments like freerolls and tournament races. If that’s not enough, Switch Poker provides unique tournament variations such as turbo and rebuy, just to spice things up every now and then. You shouldn’t get bored playing the tournaments on Switch Poker, as there are plenty of them running and enough options to entice most players.

Players should note that despite the site seldom being host to professionals, the tournament scene in particular isn’t as laden with top-tier players as some of the other bigger online sites. What this means for the rest of us, is that you’ll have plenty of chances to make a big monetary contribution to your online account. If you can bob-and-weave your way through a tournament event, you could wind up being the next big thing in poker! Not only that, but you’ll also win a load of cash!

For those interested in bigger tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker, or even the World Poker Tour events, you will sporadically find qualifying events for these tournaments on the site. Usually a few months before each of the live events are scheduled to begin is when you’ll find these events. It’s a neat and inexpensive way to buy-in to an event you otherwise couldn’t afford. It also gives you an opportunity for one of the biggest pay days of your life!

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!

Switch Poker Freerolls

There are freerolls available on Switch Poker, albeit seldom. Even when you do find a freeroll, they’re usually filled to capacity, and you’ll need to gamble a bit to make your way to the top. Nonetheless, if you can exercise some patience and a little fortitude, you could come out of one of these events as a winner.

The freerolls usually max out at a few dollars, and they typically run every now and then. You should be able to make a bit of money if you play them frequently, because the tournaments are usually filled with bad players putting their money all-in with the worst of it. If you have ANY idea of how to play in tournaments, you’ll make for a successful freeroll participant.

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!

Switch Poker Stakes

It’s not the home of the uber high-stakes games we’ve grown to love and gawk about online, but Switch Poker does provide some good action at the lower levels. While you won’t find Phil Ivey or Gus Hansen inhabiting these games, you will find some experienced and inexperienced players who are very aggressive in the low-to-mid stakes games. Because those areas are becoming a tad tougher, you’ll notice increased levels of aggression from a lot of individuals. Sometimes this means more money – other times it means you can lose your entire stack in the blink of an eye.

You can play anywhere from the tiny micro limits, up to $2/$4 comfortably. Switch Poker made sure that it targeted the stakes in which most players play, and that’s the lower level games. There’s little to no point in making bigger games if no one is available to play them. The saved resources are instead invested into making other areas of the site stronger, and increasing the player base so players will always find action across all levels.

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!

Switch Poker Competition

As we alluded to above, you’ll occasionally encounter really tough players on Switch Poker. However, players of this caliber are usually stationed in the upper-echelon of the stakes available, so by avoiding the higher-stakes games you’ll avoid many of the world-class opponents. Instead, if you’re looking for softer competition, you should stick to the micro limits, or even the 100-200NL games. With 200NL and below you’ll find players who know what they’re doing, but if you’re keen on finding irregularity, you can find weaknesses in their game that are exploitable. This is where you’ll often find the best balance between win rate and exploitable competition. There’s the perfect ratio of strong players to fish in this forum to make your time worthwhile.

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!

Switch Poker Deposits and Withdrawals

You can use any of the following methods on Switch Poker:

Visa, Skrill, Moneta, Moneybookers, Mastercard, Neteller, Ukash.

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!

Switch Poker Customer Service

No matter how sophisticated your platform may be, it can’t survive without great customer service. Switch Poker knows this, and makes sure that all of its players get what they need 24/7. With multiple methods of contact available, all of the members of the Switch Poker support staff can be reached at your leisure.

All of your inquiries can be handled, including in-game problems, technical help or software bugs. No matter the circumstance or how insignificant or important, they’ll be there to help you to the best of their ability. Typically the email responses require a 24 hour waiting period, but depending on the question it may take a longer (or shorter) period of time.

Responding swiftly and accurately to your questions is one of their missions, but sometimes there are problems that arise that require further assistance. As with any form of gambling, even online poker, sometimes people can’t play with their limit. Because of this, Switch Poker made sure to include a Responsible Gaming section on their web site, along with phone numbers and email addresses that will allow players to get the help they need.

Other informative sections such as privacy control, collusion, security and the terms and conditions of playing on the site are also available there. Each of those subsections are outlined in detail, so no player is left in the dark in regards to how the site operates on these crucial topics.

Switch Poker is now available on multiple platforms, so attend the action on your favorite electronic device today!