Tip 30: Online Security

Keeping your computer and your personal information safe from attack is vitally important when using the internet, as threats can come in from any direction.New threats are designed and implemented everyday, forcing the people who help protect you from attack … Continued

Tip 29: Controlling Information

Poker is a game where if you know more than your opponents you will have a significant advantage over the competition. While luck is a big factor in poker, it is the fight for information that is most important, as … Continued

Tip 28: Preflop Posturing

Poker is a game where players who know more than their opponents have an advantage, and the battle of information has a direct relation to how the ensuing battles of chips and cards turn out. The more information you have, … Continued

Tip 27: Managing the Pot Size

One factor of poker that many amateur poker players tend to under appreciate is the ability to manage the size of the pot and keep their bets suitable to the pot. Players understand intuitively that you don’t bet a thousand … Continued

Tip 24: Don’t play heads up cash games

I’m not opposed to playing heads up poker. It’s actually my best game. But if you’re playing heads up cash games, either online or in a casino, chances are the rake will eat you alive! I came to this conclusion … Continued

Tip 23: Over bet your winning hand

Here’s a common situation: You’ve made it to the river but you missed your draw. You’re sure that your opponent has a weak hand and you know that the only way to win is by betting. So in an attempt … Continued

Tip 22: Value bet your losing hand

Usually when people under bet the river it’s because they want to see you call. You can hear the player saying, “Please call! It will only cost you a tiny bit!”, with their small river bets. Here’s an idea, why … Continued

Tip 21: Read poker books on google

Google has a book search that reveals a surprisingly large amount of content for each book. The poker books I searched for all had multiple chapters intact and ready to view in an easy to read format. Some books had … Continued