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Poker strategy is the act of learning certain poker strategies in an effort to enhance the ability of a poker player to win at poker. Poker strategy is considered to be an extremely important way to play better poker, which results in a poker player winning more money. Each poker game played requires different general poker strategies. Additionally, there are various poker strategies according to the medium in which a poker game is played. For example, live poker strategy differs drastically from that of online poker strategy. Also, poker cash game strategy differs greatly from that of poker tournament strategy.

You will find the various types of poker strategy below. Choose the section that best suits the type of poker game you intend to play and read all of the poker strategy articles. The order in which you read the poker strategies isn’t important, but it is important that you read all of them. Once you’ve read through all of the poker strategy pages relevant to you, read our poker articles section for more specific articles on poker strategy, theory, psychology, and more. Good luck!


Poker Cash Game Strategy

Poker Cash Game StrategyPoker Cash Games

Poker cash game strategy is probably the most discussed form of poker strategy among professional and aspiring poker players. One false move in a poker game such as no limit Texas Holdem can have a significant effect on a player’s bankroll, success, and possibly entire poker career. Being aware of the best poker strategies, and how to combat them, is key to avoiding the worst pitfalls of poker, as well as the key to genuinely succeeding in playing poker for a living.


Poker Tournament Strategy

Poker Tournament StrategyPoker Tournament Strategy

Poker tournament strategy is what I would consider to be the runner up in terms of the amount of discussion amongst poker players. Some may argue that poker tournament strategy may even be the most talked about strategy because commentators for television covered events are communicated to the masses. One mistake, and you’re out of a poker tournament, possibly costing yourself tens of thousands of dollars or more (if you’re at a final table for example). Learn poker tournament strategies and how to apply it, and you’ll find yourself placing deeper and deeper in poker tournaments.


Online Poker Strategy

Online Poker StrategyOnline Poker Strategy

Online poker strategy is quite different than the other poker strategies. This is mainly due to advancement in the use of online poker odds calculators, poker trackers, and other sorts of online poker tools. The main poker strategy online is to use these tools to your advantage by learning about them, comparing them, choosing the best poker software, and becoming an expert at the poker strategies of using such software. Online poker strategy also varies from live poker strategy in that the tells are much different. Online poker tells have a lot to do with timing and bet sizing, while the correct poker strategy for finding live poker tells may be to focus on mannerisms and body language.


Poker Theory

Poker TheoryPoker Theory

Poker theory is a main poker strategy concept that I feel everybody should learn early and apply until they are experts. The problem with poker theory is that it is as boring as sitting in an empty room on a rainy day. While many poker players enjoy debating common poker strategy, few of them enjoy the complicated poker math and poker theory involved in becoming a great poker player. However, learning important poker theories such as how to manage a poker bankroll, common poker player playing styles, game selection, etc. is exactly what winning poker players need to learn to ensure success.


Poker Math

Poker MathPoker Math

While poker math doesn’t come easy to many people, it is absolutely essential to learn add this poker strategy weapon to your arsenal. Whether you’re a whiz at math, then learning poker math will be one of the best things you’ve done for your poker game. Typical poker math concepts include the following:


Poker Tactics

Poker Strategy TacticsPoker Tactics

Poker tactics are an advanced poker strategy that most players don’t fully understand and tend to overuse. Bluffing, value betting, and slow playing are the core poker strategies that we will discuss. It is important to keep in mind that poker tactics such as these are grossly overused by those who don’t understand them. Many, many dollars in real money poker games have been lost due to poker players using these poker strategies incorrectly. For example, novice poker players will try bluffing in poker at times where their image doesn’t support the bluff. The player’s bluff may also be the wrong size and cost them even more money than if they had made a smaller, more believeable, bet. Read the following poker strategy articles about poker tactics and you’ll avoid these common pitfalls.