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We have created an FAQ section that will help visitors and players alike to get a better understanding of the game, the legalities concerned and also the financial and security aspects of opting for any of the poker sites that have been recommended.

Is Online Gambling Legal?

Online real money gambling is legal in some countries and expressly forbidden in others. In the United Kingdom, there is a specific set of regulations that help online poker operators to provide satisfactory real money services to players. However, in other countries such as the United States, a comprehensive regulatory framework on a federal level is yet to be established, even though the Department of Justice has declared online gambling (aside from sports betting) as legal. At present, several US states such as Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are working on providing intrastate online poker services. In Europe, a number of countries such as Belgium have legalized gambling provided the operators follow the laws meticulously.

Before registering for a real money account at any poker site, we recommend checking the laws pertaining to online gambling in your local jurisdiction to ensure that you are within your rights.

What Are The Odds in Online Poker?

When compared to playing at land-based casinos, wagering real money on online poker is said to yield better results. This is mainly to increase traffic volume to sites rather than lose players to land-based casinos. Typically, online poker offers a 96-98 payback percentage. So for every real money wager of $100, you can expect to win approx $96-$98 back (depending on your skill and the competition, of course). However, remember that most online poker games are operated by a Random Number Generator (RNG) and the payout percentage is applicable only over a long period of time. So it would be a mistake to assume that you will win at least $97 on a wager of $100 by playing the game once or twice. It is recommended you choose poker sites that have their RNGs audited by independent testing systems on a regular basis, as such sites will offer fairer results.

How Do Payouts Get Credited When I Win?

When you win at online poker, the big question is how to collect the money. Every poker site that has been recommended by us is reliable and trustworthy, ensuring that your winnings will be credited to your account without reason for concern. Furthermore, the sites recommended by us will credit your winnings as soon as possible. Only in very extreme cases (e.g. where the company behind the site goes bankrupt) will you face issues regarding payout of winnings.

Most poker sites prefer to credit the winnings in the same manner that you deposited money. For instance, a poker site will credit your winnings through ePassporte if you deposited money using this service. If you made payments with a credit card, you will typically be provided with a choice of withdrawal options. Some poker sites are even prepared to send you a check through regular postal services.

Will I Receive Spam After Registering at a Poker Site?

One of the most frequent concerns of online poker players is whether they will receive countless spam e-mails once they register for a real money account at a poker site. This concern is typically baseless if you choose from the trustworthy sites recommended by us, as each have a stringent privacy policy which prohibits them from sharing personal and financial information.

Most online poker sites will send you weekly or monthly e-newsletters informing you of their latest promotions and bonuses, however any reputable site will give you the option of opting-out from this online marketing. As such, this kind of information is considered to be an enhancement to your online poker playing experience, rather than ‘spam’.