BetOnline Poker Review

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Bet Online is one of the oldest online gambling venues, having started out in the 1990s as an online sportsbook.  Their poker room is much more recent, having opened in 2010, but with Bet Online’s experience in online gaming, the poker room has proven to be yet another high-quality offering from a company that knows what its customers want.

Bet Online is very accessible, offering both Windows and Mac poker software via downloads.  Bet Online Poker is also open to US players, making it a fine option for US players to enjoy the game they love.  Overall, the software is easy to use, with a simple design that doesn’t try to do too much.  Navigating through the poker room is a quick endeavor, allowing you to jump right into the action.  The tables also feature Bet Online’s simplistic design, which makes it easy to pay attention to the game and not be distracted by clutter or fancy bells and whistles.  The software also allows you to make a small number of aesthetic changes to the tables, allowing you to tweak them to fit your style.  This includes the ability to resize the tables to a size that works for your eyes and computer screen.

At Bet Online’s poker room, you can always find games of Texas Holdem and Omaha, along with many different tournaments.  Freerolls run every hour, and a schedule of upcoming freerolls is posted on the Bet Online Poker website, making Bet Online very friendly to those who just want to have fun without the stress of an actual cash game.  These offerings make it easy to find the game that is right for you.  The lower stakes tables are almost always full, no matter the day or time, and almost always full of fish. This is a pattern, as the players at Bet Online Poker tend to be fairly weak, so a disciplined and savvy player should do well at the tables.

Bet Online Poker  Bonus

When signing up with Bet Online through our links you will receive a 200% bonus on up to $2,500 of your deposit.  In order order to qualify, you must make a deposit of $50 or more.  The bonus is paid out to players in stage increments and if you deposited $200, you would need to achieve the following:

  • Stage 1 – 10% of the bonus will be released ($20) when you earn 500 POP points
  • Stage 2 – 20% of the bonus will be released ($40) when you earn an additional 1,000 POP points
  • Stage 3 – 50% of the bonus will be released ($100) when you earn an additional 2,000 POP points
  • Stage 4 – 50% of the bonus will be released ($100) when you earn an additional 3,100 POP points
  • Stage 5 – 70% of the bonus will be released ($140) when you earn an additional 5,000 POP points

Also, be sure to e-mail [email protected] and ask them to activate your “POKERNEW” bonus code and from there you will have 120 days to complete as many stages of the deposit as you can.  Once you complete a stage, that money is yours and to be used at your discretion.  This deal is absolutely fantastic, and makes depositing at Bet Online very rewarding, so don’t wait and just get to it.

Bet Online Poker Reward System & Loyalty Program

When playing Bet Online Poker, players earn rewards in the form of “POP points.”  These points can be used to enter tournaments, some of which award more POP points while others award actual cash.  Players earn 10 POP points for each $1 in rake that Bet Online Poker collects in games that players participate in.  Available tournaments for POP points range from those that cost 1 POP point to enter with a prize pool of 1000 POP points to tournaments that cost 100 POP points to enter with $500 in the prize pool.

Bet Online Poker Customer Service

Bet Online is seriously committed to providing their players with the best experience they can.  If you have any problems or questions, you can easily contact them through phone, email, and live chat. Bet Online also offers support via Skype, which is a more unique offering.  Bet Online’s customer service is friendly and accessible, making it easy to have your concerns addressed.