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Review for 888 Sport

Despite being primarily dedicated to online betting in the United Kingdom, 888 Sport has become an all-inclusive gaming conglomerate that has expanded in the territories of poker, an online casino, and social media interaction. Because of their propensity to target multiple demographics, the 888 company has flourished to new heights and is now one of the premier destinations for any form of online entertainment. Regardless of the source, each and every one of 888’s online gaming options has the tools necessary to bring back even the most critical naysayer.

As mentioned, 888 hasn’t ignored the popularity of other gaming attractions such as poker and casino entertainment, and they’ve managed to beneficially integrate each of these elements within the same broad spectrum to allow players to bounce from one to the another. While both online poker and casino games are great, the sports book is truly where many of the most thrilling victories originate. Because of the monetary magnitude of sports wagers, you’ll find thousands of dollars being bet on even the simplest of circumstances leaving bettors on the edge of their seats waiting for the clock to count down. Sports’ betting provides excitement unlike any other gaming option – you can truly enjoy and savor the thrill of your favorite professional sporting event while making money simultaneously.

888 Sport doesn’t limit your options however. Because they recognize that there are many other happenings in the world that also may peak sport bettors’ interests, they’ve expanded their bets to such odd things as presidential elections, or even Oscar trophies. Since many of these attractions are being watched by millions of viewers, the moments leading up to the award ceremonies can ultimately be just as nerve wrecking as any other live sport. With the unpredictability of some live shows (sorry Kanye West), you just never know what can happen and 888 Sport wants to make sure that both you and they have the chance to catch and cash in on those incredible situations.

Promotional opportunities are laden on 888 Sport, with a generous £88 Welcome Bonus available and several revolving promotional endeavors that can be very lucrative if used correctly. There’s really no shortage in obtaining rewards, it’s almost limitless!

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About 888 Sport

Although many sport books essentially have the same function, each and every one of them offers something different. What you can expect to see from 888 Sport is the complete package; a sports betting suite filled with various sports, events, betting lines and wagers that should delight everyone. From horse racing to hot dog eating contests – whatever your fancy you’ll likely be able to find it on 888 Sport. Because they’ve broadened to so many different people, 888 Sport is quickly growing to become one of the most visited sport books on the web.

It’s hard to earn respect in the online gambling world because of its competition. There are so many sites out there trying to keep up you just don’t know where to go. 888 has made it easy because they’re a one-stop shop for everything from slots to craps to bingo, and they top it off with an amazing sports betting operation and world-class customer service.

888 Sport has been around for years, and they primarily have targeted the European nations and the United Kingdom. Despite excluding some areas such as the United States, they still manage to gather enough traffic to keep business booming.

Some might ask, “why play on 888 Sport when there are so many other sport books both online and live?” Well the answer is simple. 888 Sport not only provides a ton of betting opportunities and excitement, but you can experience it all by barely moving a muscle. That’s right – doing your sports betting from the convenience of your own home has become a luxury that the best sports bettors in the world have utilized, so you might as well jump onboard. It can be nice to feel the winning ticket in your hand after a nice win, but I’m much more concerned with seeing extra 0s at the end of my bank account. The money remains just as significant, you’ll just be able to receive it electronically!

888 Sport is one of the best; you would be missing out by joining any other site.

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Software and Features at 888Sport

There’s little to no doubt that 888 Sport and its affiliated sites have outstanding software. In regards to stability, performance, and traffic there are few companies out there that have numbers that match or exceed those of 888. However, their sports book thrives from the benefit of never having to deal with much software at all – all of the bugs, fixes and distractions of that niche have been taken away by keeping all bets relegated to the online web site. Players who wish to make wagers can do so directly online, they’ll just need to sign in or sign up for an account to start making bets immediately.

What’s neat about not having a downloadable platform is that participants can place wagers much faster. In the ever-changing world of betting lines, every second is crucial. Intense sports bettors will be changing their bets dramatically as kickoff or tip-off approaches because they’re aware that bookmakers often receive the most bets at this time. The more bets they have and the bigger the wagers, the betting lines and spread can become dramatically different, affecting both your chance of winning and who or what you should bet on. Many players may get lost in the complexity of it all, but it’s important to realize that 888 Sport is both looking out for themselves and their consumers by always staying up-to-date with the latest information.

Speaking of information, one of the more unique inclusions on 888 Sport is their dedication to blogs, press releases and social media happenings. Since 888 Sport now has devoted Facebook fan pages, Twitter entries and “The Zone” – a blog specifically for sports news and occurrences – they’re all over in their pursuit of attaining the best possible experience for their clientele. Never before have sports bettors been presented with so much useful information at their fingertips. When it comes to sports betting, staying current on injuries, start times, weather and other external factors can mean the difference between winning and losing. Similar to fantasy football, you need to be fully immersed in your craft in order to come out on top. 888 Sport gives you every tool you need (and even a little courage) to make that massive bet that can win you tens of thousands of dollars.

888 Sport has a special feature labeled the iCard which allows horse racing bettors the chance to both watch and place wagers online. Because horse racing is such a massive industry, 888 Sport decided to takes things a bit further by introducing an app of sorts that caters exclusively to their racing clientele. It a horse bettors dream – watching action in real-time and feeling the thrill of making money. It’s what many people dream of!

Although it’s hard to believe, live sports betting is becoming the trend of online sport books around the globe. Sites are making each and every event more accessible than ever. Being able to watch your favorite event and bet on it simultaneously is something that players have been asking for for years, and 888 Sport is one of the pioneers to bring this exciting opportunity directly to you. While the amount of games and events that you can bet on live is limited, every day the site and its staff tries to add on a few extra events to boost their statistics. There’s no question that live betting is the future of online sportbooks, and you can watch history unfold directly from your computer screen!

Speaking of accessibility, 888 Sport has also introduced a mobile app! Made so that you can place you bets on the go, it’s a neat way to keep track of your bets, place wagers on the fly and see how you’re doing.

Betting on as many great lines as possible is certainly a goal of many sports bettors, but sometimes you just need a change of pace from the world of wagering. Since 888 is home to several other popular forms of gambling, why not give those a try? 888 Poker and 888 Casino are closely linked to the sports betting operation, and all it would take is a few minutes to download their clients to get started. Winning a few bucks at Blackjack or a few buy-ins in a $5/$10 blind poker game could more that offset your losses at sports betting. Hey, if you want to go a bit old school, you can even play a little Bingo. Regardless of what alternative you choose, they’re all lots of fun and can be beneficial to your pocketbook.

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Types of Bets at 888Sport

Those who have participated in betting on sports already will have little trouble jumping right into the action on 888 Sport. They have just as many if not more options that a local sportsbook would have, so you can bet on many of the same things. Making a straight-up bet is always the most simple, but options such as teasing, betting Heinz, and Goliath are there and waiting to be utilized. You can also confirm your bets, by using the online tool labeled “Bet Slip” which provides a complete summary of how many bets you’re making and for what amounts. A neat way to ensure that you don’t make an ill-advised wager, when you’re betting on so many games simultaneously things can get a bit confusing.

When you’re welcomed to 888 Sport, you’ll find a page littered with various games, stats and numbers. Because sports’ betting is a mathematical function, most of these computations are critical in your success as a sports bettor. Reading them is important, understanding them is life-changing. 888 Sport has pages of help for those who may not know what everything means and how to dissect it. The overall design of the sports book is intended to be simple; however, in practice it’s very demanding and requires some time getting used to if you’re a beginner.

Being able to bet for high amounts is a requirement for professional sports bettors. In order to make a living, they need to be able to bet for as much as $10,000 an event. 888 Sport is more than capable of handling these requests, and will allow bets of bigger magnitudes depending on the game and the individual. Special requests can be made as well, if you’re looking to possibly break the bank with your next gambling venture.

While there are those looking to make a substantial amount of money, there are just as many folks hoping to win a few bucks or a few hundred here or there. These types of bettors are just as important to 888 Sport, and you can bet for as little $1 and parlay that into hundreds at a time. The modest bettor won’t suffer by making modest wagers, it provides less risk while still allowing room to make a decent profit.

Because of the big wigs, however, the betting lines on 888 Sport will change a lot and users should be aware of this. Big bets influence the line more than almost any other factor, and with this usually comes a bit of an adjustment. Nonetheless, 888 Sport always keeps things updated by the minute so that you won’t have to worry seconds before game time whether or not you’ve made the right bet.

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888Sport Customer Service

So you’ve managed to gather up some courage and make a huge bet – and you won! First off, congratulations! But the next thing we need to worry about is collecting your paycheck. 888 Sport has some of the nicest staff members you’ll find in any online sports book, and on top of that they know what they’re doing when it comes to paying out cash and handling customer inquiries. With quickness and accuracy they address all of your concerns regarding payments, withdrawals, financial restrictions, account transfers, and processing time, just to name a few. You’re able to get a hold of them through email, telephone and live chat, which is three quality resources for handling problems fast.

Speaking of timeliness, you can expect to hear responses from 888 Sport within 48-72 hours on average. This is most relevant to their email responses, which is the most convenient but also comes with the burden of having the most down time. When speaking on telephone, you’ll be able to place bets with ease but some of the more complicated questions will require more personal attention.

Sometimes you may feel your question is a bit more common, or doesn’t deserve minutes of waiting time to answer. If you think your question fits in this category, it may be a part of 888 Sport’s FAQ page. This Frequently Asked Questions site has pages of information for the average user, from how to make bets, what symbols mean and what sports they offer. Very simple in scope, it won’t be hard to locate your question through search fields if it’s been asked more than once. They compiled many of the common inquiries into one, easy-to-find format.

It’s also feasible that you want to contact 888 Sport for something more serious, maybe potential sponsorship, or if you feel you’ve been cheated or your question hasn’t been addressed to your satisfaction. While it’s unlikely this will ever occur, you can find telephone numbers and email addresses for the governing bodies of the site on their “Contact” page. Legal obligations, site regulations and privacy policies may also be found here.

Last, but certainly not least is 888 Sport’s effort to help anyone who may have a problem with gambling. Because online gambling is so easy to start, it may be even more difficult to stop. 888 Sport can place account restrictions (both voluntary and involuntary) on players if they’ve been alerted that there is a problem. If you or anyone you know has a problem gambling you can also contact the 888 Sport staff or one of their designated affiliates to bring the problem to light and hopefully prevent future ruin.

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Player Rewards, Welcome Bonus and VIP Program at 888Sport

Having a system where players can make additional money or earn prizes is important for sports bettors along with participants on other 888 platforms. For each wager you make you’ll earn the potential to win free bets depending how much you wager. You’ll be rewarded with the opportunity to redeem bets in more games, events and even for prizes and cash. 888 Sport may even decide to send you to a one-of-a-kind live major sporting event! You could be sitting courtside very close to the greatest players in the world!

888 Sport has a store that has plenty of custom items, along with popular electronics, sporting goods, and home additions that can really add value to both your life and 888 Sport experience. These items will only be accessible to the most loyal patrons, but only because it requires 888 Sport points! If you consistently make big bets on 888 Sport you’ll be given a ton of points to use anyway you like – including cash!

To make things even more interesting, if you make a deposit with 888 Sport, you’ll be given a chance to earn £88 in free bets depending on your bet amounts and frequency. That basically means you’ll be receiving some free cash, and who doesn’t enjoy that?

888 Sport has promotions that they run depending on the time of year and some of the sports that are current running. For example, if you were interested in the Olympics, you could enjoy all of your favorite athletes and events while wagering big money and reaping the additional rewards!

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888 Sport Deposit and Withdrawal

Each one of the sites many deposit and withdrawal methods has its own unique processing time. Those which are used the most often usually have the least delay. Here are a few being offered:

Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Laser debit card, Eurocard, Solo/Maestro debit card, Entropay, Chinese Debit Cards, Abagoos, iDeal, PayPal, Web Money, Neteller, Moneybookers, ClickandBuy, INSTADEBIT, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Pre-paid card, Paysafecard, and uKash.

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