Full Tilt Poker Revamped

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If you’ve been playing at Full Tilt Poker lately (on your Mac or PC), you’ve probably noticed a drastic software upgrade. This upgrade improves the style and navigation for both the lobby and poker tables.

The new lobby stands out most from the upgrade. They’ve gotten rid of the old cartoonish background and upgraded it with a more fitting sleek blue and silver metallic layout. They also made the navigation customizable,full tilt poker so now you can have the lobby display your favorite games, stakes, seats, and limits. This makes game selection so much easier.

The table design changes are subtle, but really improve the game play. The avatar podiums changed from a light to a black metallic color and they added a timer countdown bar so you can see how much time a player has left. The old version only beeped when a player was running out of time.

Overall this is a fantastic upgrade for Full Tilt Poker. Navigation throughout the software is easier, the style is more visually pleasing, and it runs faster then ever.

19 Responses to “Full Tilt Poker Revamped”

  1. mp

    I clicked on the icon for full tilt poker on my desktop and it prompted me for an update but I couldn’t update at the time. Now, it doesn’t prompt me for an update and it can’t connect for some reason … any idea where I can find the upgrade online?

  2. g

    Maybe if you wait a couple of days someone will upload it on a bitorrent website. Try Isohunt.com first, and good luck.

  3. raf

    I clicked on the icon for full tilt poker on my desktop and it prompted me for an update but I couldn’t update at the time. Now, it doesn’t prompt me for an update and it can’t connect for some reason … any idea where I can find the upgrade online? same problem!!!!!!!

  4. Mike

    That’s odd. Did you try restarting your computer?

    The connection issue could just be a general full tilt poker connection issue. Sometimes they have to take their server down while they provide site updates. You can check their system status to see if Full Tilt is up.

    If that’s working, then the next step would be to try uninstalling full tilt poker and then re-installing it again.

    And if you still can’t get it to work, then full tilt poker support should be able to help.

    Good luck,

  5. alan wallace

    i need to be connected to the server

  6. Tesha

    Everytime I download an update I can not get on for a few days. I keep getting the same message, Sorry unable to connect to server. Ok now how do I connect to server? I have tried everything over and over again. This is ridiculous. Why update if I can’t take advantage of what I updated? Can anyone help me please?

  7. krzee

    if you run norton either disable the firewall (since windows / mac have their own) or tell it to allow full tilt after every upgrade. This is one of the many reasons I hate norton always trying to control everything. That is why i use avg free, all it does is scan for viruses and thats all a virus scanner should do!

  8. porik

    i can;t log on to pull tilt. i’ve checked their site and it says all is well. i removed and installed the software 10 times to no avail. i ask firewalls to allow the site and no matter hwat i do i can’t get anything but so can’t connect to the server. any other ideas. rick

  9. Kage

    Ive had no problems updating or playing. I use a wi-fi connect, its amazing what a psp can do now 🙂 Anyone remember pong?

  10. Andrew

    My boy plays full tilt poker daily. After he finishes a game or tournament and I shut down my computer. then start up again next day or same day my internet connection stops working. I check services running and am shown that file sharing is on and so is QOS ? . I disable these and restart. then i have to restore to an earlier point and I’m up and running again. for your info

  11. chris

    what is full tilts number????????????

  12. transmission

    I have had this problem for a couple of months and just found solution. I could not log into ladbrokes; full tilt; or corals. full tilt wanted to update and said “update not available try later” and Corals alaways checks for updates and started giving me a 12029 error. I have used firefox for years and forgotten about Internet Explorer. Then one solution to a different problem mentioned disabling the proxy settings in the LAN settings in IE. This has resolved it all for me. In IE go tools/internet options/connections/LAN settings and select “automatically detect settings” (mine was previously selecting proxy option). I also noticed IE looked very different to last time i used it so I suspect I have done an IE7 upgrade sometime without intending/realising, and this is probably why problem suddenly started.

  13. Aaron

    Does anyone have an older version of FulltiltPoker, like the original one? I wanna play in the real cash games but I’ve only had fulltilt for like 2 months and it only has fake games, its all fake now:(

    Get back at me about that pls if anyone has one.
    [email protected]

  14. Rick

    I have been playing Full Tilt Poker for a couple of years. Yesterday I updated windows xp and ever since I only get (connected/trying) again whenever I try to logon to the website. Any suggestions?

  15. Luke - poker mad

    I have been experiencing the same problem as Rick, i have been playing Full Tilit poker for years on the same PC and al of a sudden it decides not to connect?? it says connecting……… then trying again……. then nothing! ive tried everything.. heard of some port needed opening up ‘7997 port’ but that was a load of rubbish. ive tried everything that i can think of.

    Please somebody get back to me on this problem i really would like to resolve this problem. im happy to transfer $5 to anyone who comes up with a fix?

    username: tickboy1990

    email – [email protected]

    Please help. Many Thanks

  16. jim

    i had the same problem..connected..tyring again.. etc and it was because the time and date was wrong on my computer.well the date was right but the time was out 20 minutes faster than the “real country’s time”

  17. nick

    Yes, I think it’s the time/date problem. I changed my cpmputer time to 2002 for some reason, after that, I can no longer conneted to the server (always connected/trying again). Then I adjusted the date to present. It starts working.

  18. Dan

    I’m having a huge problem installing FTP on my Mac. When I download the mac software it dosen’t mount. I try and open the install .dmg file and its says “not recognized”. Someone please help!!
    I’m running a Mac PowerBook g4 Os 10.5.7
    Originally I had FTP and it worked fine. I selected the update and it didn’t work. That’s when I deleted the software completely from my OS and tried to download it fresh…Any ideas?

  19. greg

    hello everyone, CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME WITH THIS>>>>>>>

    is it possible to stop FT software from updating when it starts up??

    i mean i wanna play older version of the soft on my pc, but i can’t it always tells me to update to a newer version…..

    so is it possible to skip the update process…. “???


    email: [email protected]


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