BloggerPods Woooo!

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Wow, what a great response the BloggerPods tournament has been getting. 45 bloggers have registered, and 29 are already in the poker tournament. I’ll try to take new registrations up until the last minute, but there’s always a chance the site or my Internet can go down, so get in as soon as you can.

I’ll be playing with the username dbirider. It should be an easy field, because I know all the bloggers love playing the hammer (72o) like AA. Usually people won’t expect that, but I know, so if I have Aces on a 722 flop, I’m check folding it.

I’m really looking forward to playing. I know i’m supposed to say it will be fun even if I don’t win, but you’re all going down!

6 Responses to “BloggerPods Woooo!”

  1. dnasty13

    Unreal…can’t believe I won. Do I get a choice of colors?

    “Black is my color. I have no other. nothing else will do.
    Ive got a black car, black bed, black tv.
    Ive even got a silk black suit.” Too Short – Pimpology

  2. dbirider

    This tournament was a blast! Congrats on the win Dynasty.I know you’re a Mac user, so I was pulling for you in the end.

    Sure, I’ll send you a black video iPod

  3. Lisse

    I’m really sad that I couldn’t be there in the end. For some reason I had thought it was the Saturday, not the Sunday. As it turned out, on Sunday at the tournament start time, I was driving up a long, windy, steep mountain road to visit my in-laws at the non-internet-capable cabin they’d just had built. *weep*

    Any chance of another tournament in the future? 🙂

  4. dbirider

    Kaellinn18 – Thanks for playing! I really appreciate all the blogger support.

    Lisse – Sorry you missed it. I’m planning on holding another, but not for a few months. Hopefully by then Apple will have new and improved iPods.

  5. osinsh

    Hope You’ll set up a new tournament soon and inform us!


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