Mac PartyPoker Ad

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If you have a PartyPoker account, then you probably received a copy of their magazine the other day. Inside it was some poker strategy, pictures of their (hot) new model, and surprisingly a full page Mac compatible PartyPoker ad.

Maybe they were expecting to have the full version out by now, or at least have real money play available. Their no-download Mac beta version is out, but not yet advertised anywhere noticeable on their website.

Actually, for a few days PartyPoker had the no download version advertised on their homepage, but it has since been removed. Parties no download page, where they show the features that aren’t available yet, hasn’t been updated since it was released two weeks ago.

Could it be taking PartyPoker longer then expected to release a working Mac version without any bugs? Hopefully they’ll get everything in order soon.

Mac party poker

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