Tip 5: Eat Blueberries

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blueberriesThis years World Series of Poker and $12,000,000 winner, Jamie Gold, was often seen scarfing down bowls of blueberries at the final table. They weren’t cooked or specially prepared, just plain blueberries.

During the post tournament interview, Norman Chad asked Jamie Gold about his blueberry obsession. Gold Passionately explained that blueberries were the best type of brain food, and that he couldn’t have won without them. He was completely serious, with an attitude like, ‘come on, everyone knows blueberries are the best.’

So you better go stack up on blueberries, especially before the WSOP episode airs on TV, and everyone learns the tip. It can be the difference between winning a poker tournament or bubbling just out of the money.

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  1. Simple Kind Of Life » take a gamble

    […] Blueberries are one of the few fruits I eat. I know, shocking, right? I didn’t realize blueberries were considered a brain food though. The guy who won the World Series of Poker this year (a not too shabby $12MIL prize!) shared with PokerOnAMac.com that he couldn’t have won the poker game without blueberries. As much as Jim watches poker on TV, I’m surprised he didn’t tell me about this one! […]

  2. gestibar

    nice 🙂

  3. Paul

    Maybe he was marking the cards with the blueberries so he knew where the high cards were?

  4. Random visitor

    Well, blueberries can improve the eye sight at the very least, and are in general healthy.


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