Mac Bodog Poker Delayed

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In July I reported that Bodog Poker was developing a Mac version that should be coming out very soon. They were supposed to have it out by the end of August, but I just got word that it’s going to be pushed back a bit longer.

The software manager who was in charge of the Mac Bodog version is no longer working for them. This shouldn’t bring the project to a complete halt, but it’s definitely going to be delayed. If you want to help, please email Bodog to show your support for a Mac version.

2 Responses to “Mac Bodog Poker Delayed”

  1. casinomoney

    Oh my, can’t wait to get my hand on the mac version!

  2. joe

    I was so excited about my new Powerbook until I realized it’s not BoDog ready. Let’s get with the program guys…


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