Tip 6: Playing the Nuts

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In poker, the nuts is a term for the best possible hand you can have in a given situation. John Juanda, a pro from Full Tilt Poker, explains that there’s no ‘set’ way to play your nut poker hands.

“It depends on what you think your opponent has, if you think he’s on a draw then you might as well bet and try to charge him a price to make his draw. If you think he has very strong hand (2nd nuts) then you might want to try to get it all in before a scare card comes, but if you think he doesn’t have much then you might want to check and let him catch up.”

One Response to “Tip 6: Playing the Nuts”

  1. Poker Nuts

    I have found that trying to get most out of my opponents has mostly paid off. When I have the nuts on the river, I usually try to go all in, especially if I realize that my opponent has been on a draw.

    Everything else just costs you money…


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