Samuel L Jackson Visits Poker on a Mac

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Some people might think Mac poker news is lame. Well, at least for non Mac users. Samuel L. Jackson disagrees!

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  1. osinsh

    Awesome! Just awesome!

    And there is…
    on the plane.


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    […] Samuel L. Jackson really got pissed with the m****** f****** snakes on a plane. He got so mad he made holes in the plane to make all snakes fly out and fall to do some skydiving. And what is this I am hearing? Online Poker addicts on the Mac are complaining they can play Poker on a Mac? Totally wrong! Check what Samuel L. Jackson has to say about that with […]

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    […] I came across a new venture of Samuel L. Jackson’s tonight and couldn’t help but giggle! First he did “Snakes On A Plane”…now he’s moving ahead with “Poker On A Mac“! The graphic looks very uh…professional too, perhaps Samuel himself had a hand in making it? (Someone tell him to stick with acting!) I wonder if poker is indeed something Mr. Jackson partakes in, when he’s not making blockbuster films? And would he, could he, play poker on a Mac in Mac poker rooms? I’ll bet he’d be a tough person to read during a poker game. That, or he’d kick your ass if you beat him! […]


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