Tip 4: TV Poker is Misleading

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You can watch TV poker for entertainment, but don’t develop your poker strategy from the hands you see on TV. They’re only showing a few monster hands that may have occurred over a 6+ hour period, and compressing it into a one hour show.

You may see someone lose a big pot after they raised six five off-suite into pocket aces, and they’ll make it seem like he’s a donk. But what you don’t see is all the small pots he’s picked up, with his aggressive play, that weren’t dramatic enough to be televised.

Another misleading aspect of TV poker is that they don’t often talk about the blinds in relation to stack sizes. When you see people pushing and calling all in with nearly any two it’s usually because either because the blinds were so huge making this type of play correct, or one player had such a small stack and had to call with any two cards to survive.

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