Tip 8: Ace King isn’t the Nuts

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So many players get dealt Ace King in poker and think, “how can I get my chips all in pre flop?” Try and get your chips all in preflop with pocket Aces, Kings, or maybe even Queens, but you don’t always have to try and get your chips in pre-flop with Ace King.

Unless you’re late in a tournament and everyone’s short on chips, you’re rarely going to be better then 50/50 with Ace King. Any pair has an edge over you, and most good players know not to call pre flop all ins with AQ or worse.

The great thing about Ace King is that it’s easy to get away from. Raise it up before the flop to see where you’re at, and then play accordingly on the flop turn and river. If it misses you completely and you know your opponent isn’t going to fold then you can just check/fold the poker hand and lose the minimum.

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