Tip 9: Join a Poker Forum

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I attribute most of my success as a poker player to being an active member of a Poker Forum. I was able to learn so much by talking to players about strategy, discussing hand histories, reading about other players’ problems, and meeting poker players who I’ve become good friends with.

Out of the hundreds of poker forums I consider Internet Texas Holdem, and Poker Strategy Forums the best ones. Internet Texas Holdem is a very large poker forum, but they have a laid back and informal mood. Senior members are happy to welcome new members to the community and give you personal advice. Poker Strategy Forums is a fairly new poker forum but they have a great look, and very Web 2.0 feel to their website and it is run by Professional Poker Players so you can pretty much guarantee that the advice you will receive is solid and accurate.

3 Responses to “Tip 9: Join a Poker Forum”

  1. AlagmaAbraday

    Hi nto All
    I am only looking for
    information,that is most popular about anything,but only legal and not adult.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Grooreblatt

    Hi, everybody!

    I think, that this is a great forum. Very intresting and useful.
    But I can’t find the search function, cause I want faster find the topics that could be intresting for me to express my opinion…
    Please help me with search function on this forum!

  3. PokerMosi

    Hello everyone…
    I am pretty new to poker, mostly playing at home with friends. now i also want to play online…so my question is. where do you play onlne? any hints you got for me, what should i look for?

    Greetings and thx to everyone…


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