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Party Poker released Anywhere today, which is their latest Mac compatible no download version. Party Poker Anywhere offers a bunch of improvements over NoDownload (the previous beta version) including real money play, faster interface, improved menus, and more features. Party Anywhere is still in beta, which means there’s room for improvement.

Real money cash game play is the biggest improvement that Anywhere has over the previous no download version. For the very first time Mac users can play at Party Poker without the use of PC emulating software. And of course, you can now play party poker anywhere on a Mac, PC, or Linux without having to download the software.

Party Poker AnywhereTested on safari, the real money play works great. It took less then a minute to make a deposit with my Neteller account and have the funds available in my account, and start playing. The games moved smooth and snappy, advanced action buttons worked, and I won my first two hands in a row.

The top menu in the main lobby, which includes important links to your cashier, account details, bonus details, and news is finally. In the previous version the menu was available, but safari wasn’t able to open the pages.

The biggest feature lacking in Party Poker Anywhere is tournaments Where’s the tournament lobby?! Both multi table tournaments and single table tournaments are missing from the lobby. I have a good feeling that Party Poker is aware of this and will add tournaments to the next Anywhere release. Some other missing features are resizable tables, instant hand histories, and buddy lists.

This isn’t going to be the only Mac Party Poker version. Party Poker will be releasing a full featured download client for Macs very soon. This is insider info, so shhhhhhh – don’t tell anyone.

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  1. jonas

    i have a problem with the pkg, its only for the root administrators , i want to be able to install it in movie’s or in anything else, i dont know the administrators password, i cant use it! bloody hell please tell me how to install anywhere


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