Party Poker Full Mac version Release

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This isn’t a rumor and I’m not talking about the no download party poker that they’ve been beta testing. Party Poker is releasing a full Mac version. The affiliate manager at party poker told me, “The Mac version should be available by the end of this month.”

I don’t have specific details, but I assume it will run just like Full Tilt Poker‘s Mac version. Full Tilt’s Mac client installs just like any other application, and runs like their PC version. I’m also told Party Poker will be released it very soon.

This is by far the best Mac poker news in ages. Party Poker is the largest and most well known online poker room, which means other poker rooms will see what they’re doing and follow.

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  2. Peter

    Hi, I want to buy this full version for pc. Anybody please tell me details?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. dave

    Stupid, this version is for mac not pc derrr!

  4. Tabs

    Where can I download this from?

  5. Mike

    Just go to the Party poker homepage and click download. It will detect if you’re on a Mac or a PC.


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