HoldemPoker merges with PokerRoom

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Two well known Mac Poker sites, PokerRoom and HoldemPoker, have merged together this weekend. Steve Young, The HoldemPoker customer relations manager, explains that, “this is the best thing that could happen for holdempoker.com players”.

Although this sounds exciting, it’s not a huge news story like they’re making it out to be. HoldemPoker and PokerRoom have always been part of the same network. When you log onto the PokerRoom you’re playing with HoldemPoker players, and it’s the same the other way around.

I think it’s safe to assume that the main reason these two poker sites merged with each other is related to the networks recent decision to not allow US players play for real money. This cut back on more then half of the networks player base, so it was probably a smart move for the two poker sites to join together and focus all of their attention on one site.

You probably won’t be seeing any major changes besides having your holdem poker account transfer to a PokerRoom acount. You can expect PokerRoom to focus more heavily on European based promotions. For example, tournaments, freerolls, and other promotions will be held at more convenient hours. They also promise more games and special promotions like deposit and reload bonuses.

If you haven’t signed up for pokerroom yet, you can join now with the promotion code, MACJACK, to receive a 50% up to $200 deposit bonus.

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