PokerStars Confirms Mac Version

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I was talking to a member of the PokerStars support team earlier and he confirmed that PokerStars will be (finally) creating a Mac version. Actually, they have a whole team working on bringing PokerStars to the Mac.

We have a team working on the native OSx version. However, this will require some time to be completed.

The wording, “native OS X version”, leads me to believe that the Mac PokerStars will be downloadable, rather then an online web browser client. This is great news because the download versions always run better and have more features then the java web browser poker rooms.

Unfortunately I currently don’t know how long it will take for PokerStars to release the Mac software. However, PokerStars is a great company and I’m confident they will only release it when it’s good and ready.

18 Responses to “PokerStars Confirms Mac Version”

  1. SENSE

    Please do this i love to play pokerstars on my laptop 😀

    i cant wait !!!!!
    please let me know when its available to mac OSX!

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    […] While you’re waiting for the Mac version of pokerstars, keep in mind that you can still *sort of* run pokerstars software on your Mac. There are a few options as long as you don’t mind using PC emulation software, like virtual PC or Parallels. […]

  3. HorseCaak


  4. Supahstah

    Can you get crossover for free?

  5. phil helmuth

    pokerstars is bollix

  6. Blakmex

    Hey, wake-up! Get to work, we need that version yesterday.

  7. PokerPro303

    Please hurry with a Mac version!!!!!!

  8. dave

    So Stoaked! hope its not too long, how long do you think it will be? you posted this 8 months ago….

  9. Mike

    Soon, I hope! PokerStars is taking their time to make sure everything is perfect before releasing the Mac software. It’s still anyone’s guess since they haven’t announced a release date yet, but i’m confident PokerStars will have the Mac version available before the end of the year.

  10. oldguy

    I tried both CrossOver and also ran real Windows XP using Parallels. Both work, but the computer runs 10-15 degrees hotter from my experience. So I’m just gonna have to wait for a native Mac OSX version.

    Soon, please! Or I’ll have to bet my money elsewhere1

  11. me

    Hei i have a mac and for me the best right now is Full tilt Poker simple great and it ´s native mac os x, if i want to run pokerstars i have to turn on crossover and some window arrangement doesnt work so native its best, count on me to get that version as soon it comes out

  12. gomaku

    i’m excited!!! i hope we’ll have it sooooooooooooonnnnnn!!! see u guys in the table soon

  13. dolcepaula

    it’s on the website 🙂

    woot and working, can’t check deck though

  14. Pokerstars ora anche su Mac

    Perfect, I have a lot of friends who’ll have possibility to join Pokerstars now.
    Special wishes to dolcepaula.

  15. 15

    its 2 years they’ve been saying they’re getting pokerstars for mac……

  16. Oldguy

    Their client has been released! It’s not Java!

  17. mac-user

    I have been playing for a little while on my macbook pro and it is awesome!
    Nice and fast!

    I got here by trying to see when it was actually released. I thought it would be out in November and did not receive an email that it was already launched.
    I was pleasantly surprised when I visited a little while back and when I clicked “Pokerstars for Mac users”.


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