Bodog Poker Stops Mac Development

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A lot of players had their hopes up for a Mac version of bodog poker, but it’s time to move on for now. It doesn’t look like they’ll be releasing a Mac version any time soon.

Here’s an email I received from a source at Bodog Poker.

As you know there has been several changes due to our Poker software manager leaving Bodog. I just spoke to – – -, the Poker Campaign Manager and she said that they don’t have immediate plans to launch a .com Mac version, but that this is something that is on our radar that we are hoping to visit in 2007.

If you haven’t been following Mac Bodog poker updates, here’s a short timeline:

  • 7/7/06: Bodog Poker for Mac? – Bodog confirms that they’re working to provide a Mac solution in the very near future.
  • 8/8/06: Bodog delays Mac software – The software manager leaves bodog, which pushes the estimated release date back. There’s still hope for an 06 release…
  • Today: Bodog puts the Mac software project aside. The new estimated release date is December 2007

Hopefully this pattern doesn’t continue. Bodog is missing out on a lot of potential players by not supporting Macs.

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  1. Hayden

    I recently got this email from Bodog :Currently, our software is compatible with Windows XP or higher. However, you may be able to access our software in Macintosh systems using the Virtual PC for Mac. For more information, please visit:

    I also called Bodog and the lady on the phone said they are working on it. It seems we need to do some mass emailing. Not only will this push them to do it, but they know its more $$ in their pockets.. Bottom line. THEY HAVE TO. Full tilt- mac! PokerStars – mac! if they want to compete (lets face it they are not that great) they need to stop talking and start developing.

    Email them:

    [email protected]


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