New Mixed Games at Full Tilt Poker

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Full Tilt Poker added a new tab to their lobby titled, ‘Mixed Games‘, which making them the first Mac poker room to implement these. Mixed games are poker tables where you can play multiple variations of poker on a single table.

The titles for mixed games are names like Horse, Hose, and Ha. Odd sounding, yes, but they’re abbreviations for each poker game.

  • H – Hold’em
  • O – Omaha Hi/Lo
  • A – Omaha Hi
  • R – Razz
  • S – Seven Card Stud
  • E – Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

Mixed games will run a little different depending where you play them. On Full Tilt Poker, each game runs in a rotation of 10 hands. The title bar clearly shows how many hands are left, before moving tot he next game.

You can expect the play at mixed games to be much looser then other tables, because most players don’t know what they’re doing for half of the games. Those who are experienced in each individual poker game will have the largest advantage.

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