– Mac version planned for the future

Recommend this! is a medium sized internet poker room. They run great promotions, give away a lot of money in freerolls, and have a responsive support team. Unfortunately, they’re missing one important element to make their poker room complete. Mac software!

I did a little investigating to see if, or when, will release a Mac version. I sent them an email titled, ‘ for Mac?’, to which they quickly replied:

I dont know exactly what our development team has in the pipeline at moment. I would suggest you keep an eye on the forum and the blog for any updates.

I have passed your suggestion on as well.

That didn’t help me to much, but at least they gave my suggestion to the development team.

To go one step further, I turned to the forum. Their staff is very active there. I PM’d kris about a Mac version and he replied:

There is no immediate timetable for when we will develop a mac version, but it is definitely something we have planned for the future.

This was the direct answer I was hoping for. It doesn’t sound like they’ve begun working on a Mac version, but at least it’s “definitely” something they are planning.

Here’s my review (Update: no longer in business)

5 Responses to “ – Mac version planned for the future”

  1. Matt

    Isn’t a competitor of Wouldn’t that make this bad news?

  2. Mike

    Heh, no we’re not competitors. is more of a portal for Mac poker news / poker tips and information, while is an actual online poker room where people can play for real or play money.

    Any news of a poker room releasing Mac software is good news for me.

  3. Chad

    Its good news for me too. I will be interested to see what they come out with! Cheers.

  4. Mike

    Does anybody know how to get the freeroll from here on full tilt poker?

  5. dbirider

    Hey dumbo,

    The bloggerpods registration info and rules is located here.


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