Tip 18: Don’t quit while you’re ahead!

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You won a little in a poker game, so you better quit while you’re ahead, right? Despite popular belief, this is wrong. You should only quit a poker game when you have had enough, you’re tilting, or when you just feel that you don’t have an edge over anyone else.

Sure, sometimes you lose back the money you won during a session, and that sucks. But it works out the same if you quit while you’re ahead and then come back the next day and lose that money. Think of poker as one big session. You can play 100 hands over the course of 10 days or 1000 hands in one day and the odds will always be the same.

When you quit while you’re ahead, you’ll begin to become results oriented. You know – quickly quitting a game when you eek a small profit and putting in marathon sessions when you’re behind. You’ll end up playing more when you have the worst of it and quitting when you have the best.

Separate yourself from daily wins and losses. Leave ‘quitting while you are ahead’ to the old ladies playing slot machines.

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