How to run Pokerstars on a Mac

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update: Mac Pokerstars screenshots – 02/14/07

While you’re waiting for the Mac version of pokerstars, keep in mind that there’s currently a few ways to run their PC software on your Mac, as long as you don’t mind using PC emulation software.

If you ask pokerstars, this is what they’ll suggest:

Among the options available to run Windows programs on a Macintosh are:

Virtual machines running as windows in MacOS:

Booting your Intel-based Mac to Windows XP instead of MacOS:

Of these solutions, Parallels is probably the one a MacOS user would most prefer to use. When using a virtual machine in this manner, the PokerStars install program may not work. If this is so, you will need to install first on a PC, and then copy the PokerStars folder to your Mac. The subsequent program updates do seem to work though.

– Marline at Pokerstars

I can attest to PokerStars working great on virtual PC. Actually, pokerstars is the only poker room that runs smoothly on virtual PC. However, if you have one of the newer intel Macs then a much better option would be Parallels, which won’t hog your ram and will work with other online poker rooms.

Now, before you run out looking to buy one of these programs, keep in mind that it can be fairly pricey. You have to buy a full copy of windows in addition to the software. So unless you plan on using these programs for tasks other then playing at pokerstars, I would just wait for pokerstars to release their Mac version.

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  1. Neville

    Great to hear PokerStars is developing a native Mac application. Many friends and I are eagerly waiting for it to come on the Mac, as we’ve found the PokerStars software (on Windows) is the best one we’ve tried yet.


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