Tip 15: Cash out your poker winnings

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Nothing’s worse then losing your poker bankroll and having nothing to show for it. Of course this should never happen, but when you have your whole bankroll tied up in one online poker account, it’s not uncommon to have a slip up.

The solution to this problem is to get in the habit of regularly cashing out your online poker winnings. Every week take out either a fixed amount or a percentage of your profit. Don’t withdrawal an amount so large that it will keep you from moving up limits, but also don’t make your cash-outs so small that it will barely effect you.

Before you know it your weekly cash outs will turn into a nice sum of money. Now you can spend it on something you love! This way you’ll have something to show for your hard work. And if you want brownie points, spend it someone you love. They’ll never bother you about your poker habit again.

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