Win a seat on Poker After Dark

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Poker After Dark is a new TV show that airs nightly on NBC. Full Tilt Poker is offering their players a chance to win a $25,000 seat on this show where you can win $125,000 on national TV.

To win a seat on Poker After Dark, you’ll have to win the qualifier tournament, which will be on april 7th. You can either buy in directly for 10,000 full tilt poker points or win a smaller satellite that leads to the qualifier. So you can essentially quality for free.

The odds of winning the seat depends how many players enter the final qualifier and how good you are. An average player can probably expect a 1 in 3000 chance.


8 Responses to “Win a seat on Poker After Dark”

  1. Dumbo

    Sweet prize, not so sweet chance of winning though if you know what i mean. They should make this easier by not having so much satelittes. MAKE IT EASY FULL TILT!!!!!!

  2. Linux Poker

    Sure the odds aren’t that great – but think of the awesome experience you’d have if you actually did win!

  3. TONiG

    i played the first satellite…. i won.
    i played the 2nd satellite…… i won.
    i forgot when the final was….. Fulltilt should send reminders to e-mails.. what a shame… 🙁

    well i still had to beat 3300 players…

  4. popskull

    Oh, come on now…its not THAT hard. 😉

  5. Mike

    Haha. If only winning a seat was easy…

  6. luckydogruss

    Hey popskull:

    Congrats on your victory April 30! I finished 11th that night (on a bad beat, no less). I write a syndicated weekly poker column for newspapers and would like to get a few quotes from you for a column. Please e-mail me at [email protected]. You can check out my recent columns at, or go to my Web site at (altho Internet Explorer 7 browser users may have trouble reading the site for some reason.) Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. danceman

    hello!I won the round 1, round of 2, I in a finale and me registered an automat, if I will abolish registration 10000 points will be transferred me on my account?please answer


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