Full Tilt’s new ‘game of skill’ commercials

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Full Tilt Poker just launched a new campaign of well thought out ads. These commercials focus on the skills involved in poker and are clearly trying to combat the idea that poker is a game of luck.

The new Full Tilt commercials are a welcome addition, especially after the years of ‘ooooohhhh party poker!’ commercials we had to sit through during televised poker and sporting events. Who isn’t glad to see those gone? 🙂

Without further ado, here is the new line up of full tilt poker commercials:

Who says you can’t mix work and play?

Why we play


The Mind of Phil Ivey

Watch and learn

Gus Hansen x 5

The wisdom of Chris Ferguson

The Mouth vs. Allen Cunningham

2 Responses to “Full Tilt’s new ‘game of skill’ commercials”

  1. BDMK

    thats among other things why FTP is my favorite poker site. the play quality is by far the highest of all the sites ive seen/played on, and ive surely been around the block.

    just hoping they dont start overdoing it on the turbo/rebuys on the entry level sat side of things. that will lead to pokerstarsization we dont need.


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