Poker in the simplest form

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Every so often your mind gets so cluttered up with random strategies, theories, and false thoughts that you lose sight of why and how to play poker. It happens to everyone.

You can refresh yourself and come back stronger by going back to the basics. You’ll be surprised how many general aspects of poker that you completely forgot about.

Let’s start from the beginning both techinically and emotionally.


Have you gone from a long time winner to a hopeless loser? Developed Fancy Play Syndrome? Do you even consider the basics of poker before making a decision?

The biggest decisions you’ll face in a poker game will always revolve around whether to Bet, Call, Check or Fold.

  • You Bet because you have a strong hand and you want to build the pot.
  • You Call because you don’t think you have hand is the best, but it has the chance to catch up for a good price.
  • You Check when you want to see the next card without putting an
  • You Fold because you have the worst hand and don’t want to pay any more money.

Build the pot when you have the best hand and get out when you have the worst. That’s poker in its simplest form and it’s usually the safest and best way to play against unknown opponents.

With the building blocks in place, you can start adding some strategies and tactics to your game after you have a feel for the table and opponents. Sometimes you won’t even have to depart from basic poker strategy.


Why did you start playing poker? Are you playing for a different reason now? Are you unhappy with your current situation?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you have a gambling problem. Just kidding. But you should take a step back and remember why started playing poker in the first place.

Get rid of the real time statistics programs close 7 of your 8 tables that span across two monitors, and focus on reading the players and getting a feel for the table. You’ll be amazed at all the action you were missing and how much your play will improve.

If you can’t brake your habit of excessive multi-tabling or you’re stuck trying to get back to even, then shut your computer off and take a break for a week. Eventually it will pass over you and you can start playing again with a clear mind.

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