PokerStars wants to hire you

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Lee Jones wants you!Can’t get enough online poker in your life? PokerStars has a Career Opportunity page set up with almost every job related to online poker imaginable.

The job that seems like the most fun would be the assistant poker room manager. Responsibilities include:

  • Participating in day-to-day poker operation at PokerStars.
  • Interacting with and helping players.
  • Reviewing and recommending software features.
  • Hosting important final tables.
  • Interacting with major poker forums like 2+2, pocket fives, and RGP.

Who knew someone would pay you for this? It’s essentially railbirding, which most players do for free anyway. If they didn’t require you to live one the Isle of Man I think i’d have to apply for this one.

You can work from home for some of their other jobs like customer service, head of content, and graphics designer. Some jobs require experience in the field, while you just need to be a poker player for others.

7 Responses to “PokerStars wants to hire you”

  1. Shawn Murphy

    This is very interesting to me. My extensive experience in customer service and knowledge of poker would be a terrific opportunity.

  2. jennifer

    this sounds like a good job for me i am a stay home mom where do i apply ?

  3. Edward....beers4me

    I play on your site alot this job would be great it would be a dream of mine also please consider me.and bye any chance i don’t get it ,it would not change how i feel about your site…ty

  4. Mike

    Shawn: If you apply, let me know how much they pay*. I’ve always been curious

  5. abhinay

    hi i am abhinay naidu i have a experiance in party poker i use to work for party poker in india in transsaction support.can u plz tell me how do i apply in london.

  6. Mike

    Abhinay: On the careers page they suggest contacting [email protected] .

    If you meet our requirements, please send a current resume to [email protected] . Your resume must include a phone number and email address where we can reach you and a current and past salary history.

    You can also try emailing [email protected]

    Good luck.

  7. joe keith

    I’m just a poker player looking for a job. I would like the opportunity to work for Pokerstars.


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