FTOPS #4 Schedule

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ftops.gifFull Tilt Poker just keeps churning out their FTOPS events. They seem to be making a new one every 3 months now. This time they’ll have $4,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools, spread over 10 tournaments.

For us casual tournament players who don’t want to fork up a few thousand in buyins to play these tournaments, Full Tilt has satellites running 24/7. They’re conveniently sorted in the FTOPS category of the tournament lobby.

Update: I just won my seat in the FTOPS main event!

Date/time Host Game Buy-in Guarantee
May 11th 21:00 Kristy Gazes NL Holdem $216 $300 K
May 12th 16:30 Eric Froelich Pot Limit Omaha Hi $109 $150 K
May 13th 18:00 Huckleberry Seed NL Holdem $322 $750 K
May 14th 21:00 Gavin Smith NL Holdem $1,060 $300 K
May 15th 21:00 David Grey HOSE $216 $100 K
May 16th 21:00 Jeff Madsen NL Holdem 6max $216 $400 K
May 17th 21:00 Layne Flack Pot Limit Omaha Hi/lo $216 $100 K
May 18th 21:00 David Singer Pot Limit Holdem $216 $150 K
May 19th 16:30 Clonie Gowen NL Holdem Rebuy $109 $250 K
May 20th 18:00 Gus Hansen NL Holdem $535 $1.5 M

3 Responses to “FTOPS #4 Schedule”

  1. Chuck Smith

    Congratulations! Good luck in the main event! 🙂

  2. Mike

    Thanks. I’m pretty sure I’ll need it!

  3. Michael Reed

    What no Razz FTOPs!!!


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