Tip 23: Over bet your winning hand

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Here’s a common situation: You’ve made it to the river but you missed your draw. You’re sure that your opponent has a weak hand and you know that the only way to win is by betting. So in an attempt to scare away your opponent you over bet the pot. But to your surprise, he calls with middle pair!

The reason you’re getting called is because your over bet is very suspicious. Why would you bet so much if you wanted a call? You would have had a better chance to get your opponent to lay down his hand by betting a normal amount or even value betting.

So instead of over betting your losing hands, why not over bet your winning hands? Next time you make a full house on the river, over bet the pot to make it look like you’re trying to get your opponent to fold. The bet size will make your opponents think twice about the hand and possibly call with less then marginal hands.

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