ShortHanded Limit Holdem Starting Hand Chart

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Here’s a starting hand chart that will get you well on your way to beating the shorthanded limit Holdem tables. This chart was developed by a 2+2 player over 3 years ago and has improved over the years with the input of the community.

You’ll notice that there’s a lot of aggression. Short handed Holdem isn’t for the faint hearted check/calling player. You have to get in the game and pump the pot up with a wide selection of hands.

Keep in mind that this starting hand chart is just a guide. It’s one of the many metrics you can base your decisions on.

Starting hand chart

Starting hand chart Key

R = Raise
C = Call
CK = Check
3B = 3bet
R1 = raise first in, call 1 or more limpers
C2 = call if 2 or more put money in pot
RF = raise if first in, fold otherwise
3B2 = 3bet lone LAG or CO, call 2 or more
LR = limp vs loose opponents (raise if they CC), raise tight opponents
CA = call LAG blind stealer
RT = raise tight players first in, fold otherwise
RL = raise first in or 1 limper, call or check otherwise
R2L = raise first in or 2 limpers, call or check otherwise
RP = Raise Passive/Predictable game. Less SemiBluffing.
C-P = Call in passive game or where u expect to encourage limpers
RL-TB – Raise Limper, Tight Blinds…otherwise limp (workable, and possibly off though)
Rbt/RBT = Raise BTN 40%VPIP or less and BB 50% or less

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