PokerStars Mac Version – Slow and Steady

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PokerStars Mac

I know we’ve all been waiting for PokerStars to release the Mac version of their poker room. I first announced that they were testing the alpha version back in february 06. Well I just got note of PokerStars latest updated to the Mac version and….. they’re still in the alpha testing phase.

This update (1.0a6) brought a new dialog engine for the lobby that’s involved with how data is processed behind he scenes, and sent back and forth to the servers. Personally I have no idea what this means, but they tell me it’s an important step forward.

PokerStars still doesn’t have a release date for the Mac program. They’re taking a slow and steady approach to make sure there’s no bugs in the software and every detail is over looked. I’m told that, from now on, updates to the Mac version will be happening regularly, so hopefully we’ll see some good progress soon.

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  1. Wizard

    just purchased a new macbook pro.. hope this comes out soon since i used to play a lot on my windows machine..


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