Neteller Funds Distribution Plan… Plan

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NetellerWe’re one step closer to receiving our money from Neteller. Today, Neteller announced a plan to return US customers’ funds. Well, actually, it’s more like a plan to develop a plan to refund our funds. But still, it’s a good thing because they’re moving forward.

As part of the plan, the company said US customers would be able to access their accounts online for a certain time and make a request for their funds. No interest on account balances will be paid and customers will not be charged processing fees. US customers will receive the entire balance of funds in their account; no requests for partial payments will be processed and US customers will not be able to use their accounts for any transaction other than to request the funds.

The new date to keep a look out for is July 13th. The president of Neteller says they should be able to announce further progress on this issue by then.

Neteller originally froze all US customers funds back in January 07′, because of pressure from the US government and to comply with the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act). They have since continued to assure us that we’ll be refunded our money

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