$10,000 buy-in tournament, Sunday on PokerStars

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$10,000 Heads up poker tournament

Sunday is going to be a great day for railbirding, because PokerStars (still not Mac compatible) is holding a $10,000 buy-in heads up shootout. You might be thinking that nobody would put up that much money for an online tournament with no satellites, but it’s already filled to the max with 16 players. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could have gotten 64 players to register.

It’s a single elimination heads up shootout format, so players will be matched in pairs, with the winners going on and the losers eliminated. The top 4 places get paid, so you’ll have to win two heads-up games in a row to reach the money.

One thing that won’t be to exciting is the incredibly slllooowww format. 10,0000 starting chips and 30 minute blinds. Usually heads up sit&go’s are finished in less than a half hour, but these games can easily last over 2 hours, without the blinds hurting to much. The structure should reward the more patient players.

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