Tip 24: Don’t play heads up cash games

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I’m not opposed to playing heads up poker. It’s actually my best game. But if you’re playing heads up cash games, either online or in a casino, chances are the rake will eat you alive!

I came to this conclusion today, when I set down at a $200 heads up HA game (holdem / PLO mixed game) on full tilt. My opponent had $50 and I had $200. After 30 minutes of back and forth action, I busted him. My profit was $10. Yeah, the other $40 was diminished by the rake.

A much better option is playing heads up sit&go’s. They play out like sit&go’s. There’s a bunch of different varieties, like turbo’s, for faster action, or non escalating blinds, which play out more like a cash game. There’s a fixed rake for heads up sit&go’s that almost guarantees you’ll pay less then in heads up cash games.

The only time when heads up cash games would be clearly a better choice is if you’re playing $2,000NL (or a limit equivalent) and higher. The rake is capped at a certain amount that should have little effect in comparison to the pot sizes.

3 Responses to “Tip 24: Don’t play heads up cash games”

  1. Cheryle

    Very good point that many people just don’t consider. Myself being one of them. i love heads up, I find the fact that there is so much action keeps you alert, however it took me a whole 6 months before I realized what the house was making over what I made. This is why I will now decline all invites to a HU challenge outside of the Sn’G

    If I am looking for a table where I can bring in xxx amount of dollars I now search for the smaller games 3-4 players or as you suggested the heads up Sit n Go’s

  2. fwfwefef

    What a shitty article. This is completely untrue especially in NLHE. In 50NL the rake is somewhat high, but completely bearable when you have rb.
    Cash is more profitable than SNG’s, since most players are so bad.

  3. Gugel

    I can attest that $50NL is massively profitable.


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