Mike Matusow Goes on a Blind Date (video)

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(edit: the owner disabled video embedding for some reason. Watch it here.)

Mike Matusow was featured on an episode of My Life on the D List, Kathy Griffin’s reality TV show on Bravo. He was in a 4 minute segment, where Kathy Griffin would go on a blind date with someone to hopefully get some publicity and increase her fan-base.

During the date, he’s threatened to beat up Kathy Griffin multiple times (Go Mike!), zoned out completely during a conversation and started playing with his chopsticks, and probably spent more time staring at her breasts then her eyes.

How anyone can not love Mike Matusow? He’s one of the few famous poker players with a real personality, meaning he’s not fake and he doesn’t try to project himself as being more successful then he really is. He’s simply Mike Matusow, the 38 year old poker degenerate.

2 Responses to “Mike Matusow Goes on a Blind Date (video)”

  1. elie

    haha. i prefer mike to the woman. who is she anyway? i wouldn’t wana go on a date with mike if i was girl tho

  2. Mike

    Kathy Griffin is like the Mike Matusow of the celebrity world. She’s famous for not being famous just like how Mike Matusow’s known more for his non poker success then his success. I’m surprised they didn’t hit it off on their date 🙂


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