Absolute Poker 8.0 Unveiled + Mac Updates

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Absolute poker 8.0

Absolute Poker, possibly one of the largest online poker rooms available to United States Poker Players, has announced a pretty big software launch, actually, it’s so big they’re calling it Absolute Poker 8.0.

In fact, the release is so big, that the senior VP over at Absolute, David Clainer claims that this new software will “Officially Unlevel the Online Poker Playing Field.”

Those of you familiar with Absolute Poker are surely aware that software updates are not few and far between with AP, in fact, I’m almost certain my software updates at the very least, once per week. However, spokespersons at Absolute Poker assure us that this is not just another poker software update, this update will include some pretty groovy features, such as;

  • Updated Crisp, Clean Graphics
  • Three Table View Options
  • Faster Dealing
  • More Multi-Tabling Functionality
  • New and Improved Mouse Functions and Functionality
  • Table Alignment Options – Clickable!

Absolute Poker also states that the tables and site in general will now be more attractive, and appeal to loyal absolute customers, as well as those new to the online poker room and taking their AP first seat. To obtain the new Absolute Poker 8.0 software, simply log in to your Absolute Poker account.

The Mac version doesn’t yet have the new ‘Absolute Poker 8.0’ features, but it has some nice updates of its own. They’ve finally added a full tournament lobby, so Mac users aren’t limited to holdem cash games any more. The software is also much quicker and no longer takes a minute to load up.

To launch Mac version, navigate down to the bottom of the menu bar on the Absolute Poker site and click on the no download option.

2 Responses to “Absolute Poker 8.0 Unveiled + Mac Updates”

  1. hackmann

    All that sounds nice all and but when I go to their website it offers me to download an exe file, and there are only links to an exe download. Thanks, but no thanks I’ll keep playing at FullTilt the only site that actually welcomes mac users

  2. Mike

    Yeah, they really need to serve Mac and PC users different home pages. I find all the exe download offers to be really annoying as well.

    It’s still nice to have the option to play at sites besides full tilt on your Mac. It opens up new bonus oppertunities and gives you a much wider range of table selection


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