Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson Blows Past $10,000 Milestone!

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Chris FergusonChris Ferguson, as you probably know, started on a Full Tilt Poker quest to make poker mountains, out of chip stack mole hills. The Poker Pro’s goal was originally to turn an empty bank roll (that’s right $0) into $10,000. We all know that Chris could make a deposit at Full Tilt if he so chose, however, this wasn’t about the 10 grand, it was about the challenge, the quest to turn nothing into $10,000 and, of course, it was a nice lil promo for Full Tilt.

Over the course of the last 16 months Chris was charting his bankroll, exercising bankroll management, and sharing his quest with us on

Now that he’s made it (Congrats Chris!) Full Tilt has started a poll, should he stop here, a winner, with 10k from nothing bragging rights, or should he continue on his poker path, and see if he can’t turn those few dollars earned from that first winning freeroll into even more? Perhaps Chris can try for 100k from 0 now, or should he go even further.

Should Chris Ferguson now vie for the one million dollar mark?

3 Responses to “Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson Blows Past $10,000 Milestone!”

  1. Lisa Wheeler

    What a great promotional idea. Although it is possible to build a bankroll from nothing, it takes time. I was forced into this type of competition because of the new regulations. I pulled my money from every online poker room before the payment plan crash, and now I’m having a heck of a time getting money back on. No worries, I just parlayed my FTPs. I don’t have $10,000, but I do have some cash to play with. I’ll be following you Chris. Give us something to talk about.

  2. LadyHoldem

    I believe it took Chris more than a year to grow from zero to ten thousand.

  3. Mike

    Yep, it took Ferguson about 500 days to turn nothing into $10,000. It’s certainly an achievable goal to go from 0 to $10,000+ in less then a year through smart play and bankroll management. I’ve done it myself when I first got started with online poker, although it was never an official challenge.


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