Gonzales Resigns – What does it mean for Online Gambling?

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Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States who took office in February of 2005, has announced his resignation. The resignation was not unexpected; Alberto Gonzales had announced on August 27th that he would resign from office on September 17, 2007.

Online gambling officials and those advocates trying to get the U.S. stance on online gambling changed, have a reason to celebrate Gonzales’ resignation, being he is one of the top opponents of the online gambling industry. This sparks hopes in the gambling industries top contenders, however, on who might be replacing Gonzales in September, no one has speculated as of yet. Online gambling officials will have to wait to see who the new replacement will be.

Gonzales vowed to bring about the demise of online gambling altogether, and under his direction, online gambling executives from outside the US were arrested while passing through US airports. He is also one of the defendants in the complaint filed recently against the IMEGA.

Although no official reason for the resignation has been given, President Bush has blamed the unfair treatment done to Gonzales by Congress, after he gave his testimony before Congress in April 2007, over the firing of US attorneys who were not abiding by GOP policy.

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