PokerStars Busts Neverwin For Multi-Accounting

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Neverwin Poker I’m extremely happy to see pokerstars seriously going after multi-accounters. Famed online poker player, Neverwin, had his pokerstars account banned for playing on multiple accounts and letting other players play on his. He had to withdraw his funds and they gave him 7 days to spend his FPP’s before his account is permanently closed.

Multi-accounting is a practice of playing on more then one username or using a single username for multiple players. The problem with multi-accounting is that it adds a deception that can only be possible with online poker. You shouldn’t be able to create a new account because everyone has figured out your playing style, or play on a certain account because it has an image you can take advantage of.

PokerStars banning Neverwins account was a bit harsh. Most players who were accused of multi-account recently had their account temporary suspended, not closed and never to be used again. There must either be more to the story, or perhaps they were trying to set an example with Neverwin’s account. Either way, I fully support their actions on taking a stance against this previously borderline practice of multi-accounting.

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