PokerStars Sunday Million – $500 Buy-in Results

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PokerStars Sunday Million

More than 2,500 poker players played this months Pokerstars Sunday Million, buying in for $500Â + a $30 fee to the house, together generating a prize pool of more than one million dollars. First place paid out a whopping $243,000 providing there were no final table deals of course.

Within 10 minutes of the final table commencement a player was removed, OnlyPlayRagz was busted out by Rk58, big 2 pair, vs. bigger 2 pair, both flopped.

Play continued from there with players busting out at what seemed to be just about every 20 minutes. The next player was also removed by Rk58 who seemingly came to this final table ready to take down enemies with a very strong aggressive style!

pokerguru69 re-raised all in over the top of a preflop raise by RK58 finding himself neatly dominated, holding A5 against AJ. The flop brought him hope, A 3 4 fell to the table, bringing pokerguru69 a gutshot straight draw. The turn brought even more light to the end of the tunnel as a seven landed on the felt, opening another gut shot opportunity.

The river brutally slammed those doors closed, with a Queen of Spades, a blank for pokerguru69, making him the 8th place winner. For his time and trouble, pokerguru69 took home$18,243.60.

20 minutes pass without any major moves, and then Jeffreyjjj who has taken down about $10,000 this year in PokerStars tournament finishes, moved all in with jack 9, suited, hearts. The board showed a 5D, 8H, 5H giving Jeffreyjjj a heart draw. Sir)DonaldRM made the call, he showed the Ace of Spades, and a 10 of hearts, Ace high. The turn brought a blank King of Clubs, the River another blank, (2 of diamonds) and Jeffreyjjj’s ticket out the virtual door. Jeffreyjjj placed in 7th for $28,819.60.

Sir_DonaldRM now held the chip lead, the button made it around the table, the board showed King of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, and a 10 of Clubs, MattZman69 moved all in. The time ticked away, SirDonaldRM was obviously having a tough time making the call, just before time ran out, he clicked it… the call button.

MattZman69 held Ace 10, a club and a spade. Sir_DonaldRM’s pair of two’s was pretty well dominated by MattZman69’s tens until.. the turn came 2 of clubs, and SirDonaldRM became the favorite. MattZman69 was reduced to just two outs, either of the tens left in the deck. The river card, the 8 of hearts, a blank and a 5th place finish for $54,202 for MattZman69.

Merely a few hands later, Sir_DonaldRM was burning them up again when he called an all in by rk58. SirDonaldRM held A9 off suit, rk58 was suited, but dominated, with a4 of diamonds. Each made a pair, Sir_DonaldRM hit the 9 on the flop, rk58 came up short with a pair of 4’s on the river, taking $67,422 to the rail with him.

Now there are three players remaining, SirDonaldRM holds a tremendous chip lead, a little under $17M tournament chips. Kaweco has a bit less than half of that with 7 million in tournament chips remaining, and Egar1m is on the shortstack with just 2.5 million in chips remaining.

Sir_DonaldRM proposes a chip count chop. Both the second and place finishers would have gotten a bit better then the expected 2nd and third place payouts. Egar1m thought it over, but he decided the short stack was worth more than that, $20,000 more. He argued that the proposed chip chop was just about what he was going to receive in 3rd place anyway, and not worth chopping.

Deal making was set aside, no agreement made, the tournament continued.

Now things get a bit interesting. Egar1m, our short stack, the guy that didn’t want that deal made quad sixes, tripled up, and now held the second largest chipstack.

A few hands later, he finds himself tangled up in a hand with kaweco, egar1m holds an Ace of Hearts and a 7 of Spades, Kaweco holds the Ace of Clubs, with a kicker, the 10 of hearts. Both were all in preflop.

Egar1m is now left with less chips than he had before the deal was discussed, 1.7 in chips.

During the very next hand, kaweco found himself all in against Sir_DonaldRM. He was covered by the chipleader, and dominated. Sir_DonaldRM turned over pocket jacks, kaweco, turned over an unfortunate pocket pair of tens. No help from the dealer, kaweco joined the rail in 3rd place with a nice $81,831.80 win.

Sir_DonaldRM had Egar1m over a barrel as they moved into heads up play. That last hand gave him a 14 to 1 chip lead over Egar1m. Egar1m hadn’t given up though, and played his shortstack. Move by move, he turned his chips into a decent sized stack, took down a $9.3 Million dollar pot, and the chip lead from Sir_DonaldRM.

Sir_DonaldRM, appearing a little worn out, proposes another deal. The tournament paused to give them both a moment to consider the deal, which paid out $174,803 to Egar1m and $161,919 for Sir_DonaldRM. This deal would leave $30,000 in the pot to fight over after the guaranteed payouts were made.

No Dice. Egar1m passed on the deal, stating that it was 200k or play for him. They talked it over a few moments longer, and then play resumed, this becoming the second deal struck down by Egar1m, once as shortstack, now as chipstack.

Not to long after the discussion ended, Egar1m took down a $13.5 million dollar pot, crippling Sir_DonaldRM and leaving him with just $4.6 Million in chips. Just 2 minutes after that hand, Sir_DonaldRM put his chips in holding K7 of spades, Egar1m called quickly flipping over pocket eights. The dealer brought a three of hearts, six of clubs, queen of diamonds, 4 of clubs, the river, 3 of clubs. Egar1m finished with 2 Pair, no deal, 1st place, and $243,115.80. Sir_DonaldRM took second place of course, for $123,607.

Final standings:

  1. ($243,115.80): Egar1m
  2. ($123,607): Sir_DonaldRM
  3. ($81,831.80): kaweco
  4. ($67,422): rk58
  5. ($52,202): MattZman69
  6. ($40,982): scarface_79
  7. ($28,819.60): jeffreyjjj
  8. ($18,243.60): pokerguru69
  9. ($10,576): OnlyPlayRagz

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