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PokerStars Mac

I think it’s a good time for everyone to show their support for a Mac version of Pokerstars. They’ve had a mac beta version in progress, but it’s been out for a year now and coming along slllooowwwwly. The problem, I believe, is that there just aren’t enough players emailing PokerStars and requesting a Mac version. They need some motivation!

If everyone just takes a few minutes to email PokerStars Support to show their support for a Mac version, there’s a good chance they’ll listen to us and get the ball rolling on the development. Maybe we’ll even get them to finish the Mac version before this years WCOOP event in september.

So send PokerStars an email and tell your friends to do the same. If you’re a member of any poker or Mac forums, make a thread about it there as well (but don’t spam). You can also use the bookmark button below to share this subject on your favorite social bookmarking site.

Their support email is [email protected]. PokerStars has always shown a lot of consideration to their emails, so something like this can have a big influence on them.

Thanks to Michael for bringing this idea up in the PokerStars Fianlly Gets Heads-Up Tables post. Now gogogogo!

17 Responses to “Show your support for a Mac Pokerstars version”

  1. Mika

    Good idea to motivate the people.. and i also wrote an email to Pokerstars just a minute ago.. *thumbs up*

  2. Michael Reed

    Well, just got my first email sent off to Pokerstars. Hopefully we will hear something back soon, and hopefully we will get going before September. Who knows, maybe this is what they needed to get it out, a nice little kick in the butt. I told them that I mainly use their competitor Full Tilt since they have a full version out, LOL!! That should get their atttention. I think I am going to email them everyday until I start getting responses from them, hopefully soon.

    Also, was just wondering, does Pokerstars have a forum like Full Tilt does. I would love to get on there and start threads up to get some action going on there also. If anyone knows about one then please pass it along to me.

    Thanks in advance!!

  3. Michael Reed

    Well, I got a respons quickly from them, but of course they said that there is no timetable for a release yet. We need to keep this up, and let them know that we want a more definitive answer rather than there is no timetable, and giving us other options that we already knew about.

    Anyways, just keep the e-mails going in, and let them know that we want this up and running soon!

  4. Mike

    I just sent pokerstars an email thanking them for their efforts on the Mac version so far. They sent me a promising reply:

    Thank you for writing and for taking the time to email us such kind words. We hope to have the Mac version ready soon.

    Please remember that it is always our pleasure to assist you and we will be looking forward to helping you.


  5. Michael Reed

    Yeah, they offered to let me test the beta for them, so I am going to do it. Figured that I can’t really complain too much if I am not doing anything to help them find any bugs. Just hope that they get it out soon. Crossing fingers!!!

  6. Oded

    Yeah I sent them a mail too and they offered me also to join the beta

    too bad the beta is play money only but still the more testing they will have the faster they can find bugs and other stuff and deliver a final product

  7. nekta

    Just sent an email now to lend my support. Say yes to Mac poker!

  8. Didrik

    I just posted an email as well, good to see people pushing pokerstars a bit now 🙂 We need that mac version! By the way, you say you are beta tester, how is the beta mac version of pokerstars? Does it got the same looks as the PC version?

    Thanks in advance. Mac for the win! 🙂

  9. Jeff

    mac users play poker too we shouldn’t be punished for owning a better computer..

  10. jonathan

    good idea, been hearing about a mac version for so long its getting ridiculous.
    will send a mail asap.

  11. just me

    hey guys , just to let u kno the mac version looks like its coming along well similar in look to pc version, seems to play ok too although i’ve only done couple of hours so i guess after a few more i will email pokerstars my thoughts n findings n hopefully we can get a full mac version asap……so i can stop using crossover lol

  12. Aaron

    yeah. . i agrizle!!!

  13. Macma

    Got an email announcing a new update to the lobby today. It looks exactly like the PC version now and is resizable. The tables available all look the same too, except for an additional table specifically for Macs.

  14. Leitner Rene

    da für mir pokerstars die beste software ist zum pokern,
    finde ich es schade, dass mac-user davon nicht profitieren.

    Macht mal was!!!!!


  15. Jeff

    Any update on this?

  16. Vince

    I think it’s a great idea and it should be made i’d like to us my mac to enjoy my self too.

  17. Geertje

    Pleasee make shure mac’users can also play. It is so difficult for me now to play!! thankyou


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