Two Powerhouses Join Forces for the Benefit of All

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Two major powerhouses in the world of online poker have joined together for the benefit of their players, us!. and (Mac compatible) have agreed to allow players with accounts on both sites to transfer money between them. There has been various rumors being told over the several months that inter-site transfer capabilities were in the near future, and now have arrived.

The benefit to the player comes with another benefit to the companies themselves. The additional benefit is the enhancement will increase the visibility and access to ether of the sites tournaments or special promotions. One example that will put this to the test is UltimateBet’s current Aruba Classic Event.

“We’re opening the doors between two of the most popular poker rooms,” said UltimateBet spokesman George MacLean and Absolute Poker’s Senior VP, David Clainer. “Our new payment option allows funds to seamlessly flow from one poker room to the other.”

The final target for the system, as the bugs are now being worked out live, is that the transfers will be effortless and instantaneous. As this is just beginning, the poker rooms both mention that there maybe some delays as long as 48 hours. The enhancement and it’s goals will make the transactions a priority on both sites, receiving it’s due attention. According to the UltimateBet website they will insure that there are agents on hand prior to tournaments to insure the transfers are approved as quickly as possible.

Many will find this to be of special attention. Should it be successful, there will be other interested in seeking similar alliances. Only time will tell who will forge what with whom and when.

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  1. Mike

    This is cool. Too bad you can’t seamlessly transfer funds between all poker sites. I wonder how they’ll handle things like deposit and reload bonuses between Absolute poker and Ultimate bet now. It would be nice to double up on promotions.


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