Voluntarily Ban Yourself From Full Tilt

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Gamblers Anonymous members rejoice! Full Tilt poker has introduced a new self exclusion feature that allowes you to voluntarily ban yourself from playing poker, with ease. Just select the time frame, hit submit, and you won’t be able to play poker any more during the time period.

This can be great if you you’re going out partying and know you can’t trust yourself when you get back. Or maybe if you’re trying to get work done and you can’t stop thinking about poker. I’ve certainly avoided productive work for poker before. All jokes aside, this is a great feature that can keep you from spewing money when you’re most vulnerable.

But I can’t help but wonder what will happen if your friend plays a practical joke on you and bans you for 180 days… Or if your girlfriend uses this feature against you so you’ll spend more time with her. Will Full Tilt reverse the ban if you explain the situation to them? Or are you just stuck for 180 days without any poker?

Full Tilt Poker Ban

One Response to “Voluntarily Ban Yourself From Full Tilt”

  1. elie

    Wow. Very bold move by FT. It makes barely any business sense at all to provide players with this feature.

    But it should help people out and I respect them a lot for doing it. I might even play again at FT one day.

    Just don’t tell your gf your account password and don’t tell her about this feature and you’ll be safe.


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