Big Update For Mac PokerStars Software

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Less than a month ago we asked everyone to show their support for a Mac Pokerstars version. The turnout was great – I’d estimate that more then 100 people sent personalized emails to PokerStars. Just today PokerStars released a major update in their Mac beta software, the first big visual update in… well, about a year. Coincidence? 🙂

They got rid of that ugly brushed metal lobby and replaced it with a fresh clean look. It’s now stylized just like the windows version, except better! The Mac lobby has a new feature that allows you to drag the borders of the lobby to increase your table selection view (screenshot below).

This update makes me feel even better with my prediction that pokerstars will release their completed Mac version this month.

Mac PokerStars Lobby
– A view of the new lobby, after I used the new resize feature to view more tables. It opens up at the normal 800×600 size

– Cross your fingers for a pre-WCOOP release 🙂

3 Responses to “Big Update For Mac PokerStars Software”

  1. Michael Reed

    Yes, and they also opened up tourneys for us to play, all be it play money, but this is a new feature that we are getting to test.

    One other feature that I have noticed on the mac version over the PC version is that when you are in a hand, there is a little section that tells you what you are holding, so if you paired up it tells you. This is espically helpful in games like Omaha H/L when you are working on 2 separate hands.

    Crossing my fingers hopeing for a release before WCOOP. Thanks everyone who sent email to PS, seems to have worked, and anyone else out there using the Beta version, have you noticed anything new/different from the PC version?



    Oh, on a side note, I have been playing on Bugsy’s Club today (they have a mac version) and I have so far had a good experience, been playing only play money, but plan on getting some real money on there soon, once I feel comfortable with their site and all!!

  2. vb

    i sent them an e-mail last month, and will be sending another just to push them on. Its going to be sweet. The only thing left is Poker Tracker.

  3. SteelWheel

    So, any new updates? We’re more than halfway through the WCOOP, and no Mac client yet… Would hope for the Mac software release to happen before Leopard ships….


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