Dusk Till Dawn Partners with Magazine

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 Dusk Till Dawn, the United Kingdom’s only licensed poker club, has partnered with Bluff Europe to give free copies of their magazine to Dusk Till Dawn members. Bluff Europe is the top poker magazine available in Europe. Both companies have stated they are glad to be working together.
“We’re tremendously excited that Dusk Till Dawn has finally been given the green light. We’re committed to being Europe’s premier poker club,” said Dusk Till Dawn’s Media Executive, Adam O’Connell. “Furthermore, our players want to read the best poker magazines and in Bluff Europe, we’ve got the best.”
“Of course we want to work with Dusk Till Dawn,” added Bluff Europe Editor-in-Chief Michael Caselli. “They are Europe’s biggest card room. Besides that, they have worked so hard to make this club a reality that they deserve all the support that the industry can bring. We are supporting them the best way we can, by supplying magazines to their members and by offering them some space in our Grass Roots section to tell the rest of Europe what these guys are doing up in Nottingham. These are exciting times for poker in Europe.”
When Dusk Till Dawn was given a casino license to begin operations it was a giant leap in European history. It was the first bespoke poker club and largest card room that could operate legally in Western Europe. Starting in December the club will have a poker tournament and Bluff Europe will be covering it. The magazine will report on the tournament in its January edition. Players interested in the tournament or more information on Dusk Till Dawn can go to their website at DTDPoker.com. The site is holding online satellites for as little as $1 and players can qualify for the December exclusive tournament.

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