Judge Rules on Bodog Case

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Bodog LogoThere was a ruling yesterday on the Bodog.com domain case. A judge ruled that BodogLife.com could continue to have a presence on the internet but the judge didn’t dismiss the $49 million default judgment that was against them for alleged patent infringements, nor did the judge return the domain name, Bodog.com, to the original owners. Bodog’s lawyers will be appealing this judgment.

The judge did reject 1st Technology LLC demand for a permanent injunction, which is where a party is required to do or refrain from doing certain acts, to stop all of Bodog’s business in the U.S. and to immediately stop any redirection of Internet traffic to BodogLife.com.

In June, 1st Technology LLC acquired a default judgment against Bodog.com, Bodog.net and Bodog Entertainment Group S.A. for $48.8 million. 1st Technology LLC, which is based in Las Vegas, claims Bodog owes them money because they own patents on some of the software that Bodog uses to control Internet traffic.

The default judgment was made because Bodog’s attorneys were not present at the trial to defend Bodog’s interest to the U.S. District Court.

A founder of Bodog has said that they will now and in the future be known as BodogLife.com. They do want to protect some of their Bodog trademarks so they want to get control of some of their domain names.

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